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Dr Ernesto Engel at ENGEL&CO is your specialist in the field of plastics.


He supports your activities, in the sense that you can entrust him with tasks who do not belong to your core activities. You can rely on his expertise, in order to get things done more quickly and more efficiently.


His focus lies on
* analysis and compliance with requirements imposed by law, by regulations, by directives and by standards (e.g. health and safety at work, regulations on chemicals, REACH, vocational training, energy efficiency, recycling, etc.)
* communication strategies to promote an appropriate image of plastics
* support with internal projects of business development.


Thank you for contacting him.

Contact Details

Dr Ernesto Engel


Guyer-Zeller-Strasse 10

CH-8620 Wetzikon



Tel.: +41 44 972 21 11
Mobile: +41 79 215 28 64

Email: engel@e-engel.ch

Dr Ernesto Engel