Five Office Ltd
Leadership Event in Basel

Rehearsal of the Basel symphony orchestra and lunch with maestro Thomas Herzog 


On November 3, 2016 Team-Leaders of Five Office Ltd and Future Health Pharma GmbH had the great fortune to visit a rehearsal of the ballet „Robin Hood“ of the Basel symphony orchestra and meet its famous conductor Thomas Herzog.


We witnessed two hours of intense practicing with over 50 musicians under the strict but empathic guidance of the maestro. We then invited him to the restaurant „5 Signori“ to charm him in giving away the secrets of good leadership: How do I get individual and strong characters to accomplish great performances as a team? How do I reach out to each player? How do I motivate them again and again to do their best?


We would like to thank Thomas Herzog for the great amount of insight he offered us and the discovery that there are countless parallels between conducting an orchestra and leadership in the pharmaceutical industry.