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Future Health Pharma GmbH represents companies adhering to the highest ethical principles and having irreproachable research and manufacturing records, registers, distributes and markets their products in Switzerland.


9 Rx products at Future Health Pharma GmbH

Aldomet®, Azzalure®, Combizym®, Dysport®, Hexvix®, Indocid®-Retard, Somatuline Autogel®, Tiamdra® (Co-marketing of Parlodel®), Varidoid® (Co-marketing of Hirudoid®)

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Future Health Pharma GmbH

Guyer-Zeller-Strasse 10


CH-8620 Wetzikon




Tel.: +41 44 932 20 02

Fax.: +41 44 932 31 32

Email: welcome@futurehealth.ch

Adverse events: safety@futurehealth.ch

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