Medical and Scientific Translations

Translations by MDs, pharmacists, chemists, biotechnologists and nutritional scientists combined with the skills of our specialized in-house linguists.


Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, all other European languages, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc.


Combining the skills of scientist translators writing in their native language and linguist translators dedicated to the quality control leads to the exceptional quality of the translations provided by Five Office Ltd.


  • For the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community „We speak Medical“.
  • For the cosmetic industry „We speak Knowledge and Beauty“.
  • For the food industry „We speak Health and Food“.
  • For environmental sciences „We speak Responsibility“.


We at Five Office Ltd are the ambassadors of your field of expertise.



Fields of expertise for your translations:

  • R&D of future products
  • Publications
  • Licensing
  • Registration
  • Technical documentation
  • Food specifications
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality
  • Patient care
  • Health marketing and communication


Your trusted partner

Choose Five Office as your trusted partner for translation services in the fields of medicine, animal health, cosmetics, nutritional and environmental sciences.


For the pharmaceutical industry we provide expertise for the full range of documents from SmPCs and PIs through marketing and promotional material to technical documentation as expert reports, case narratives or clinical trial protocols, including legal texts.

We provide compliant documents for all fields of expertise and as requested by the Competent Authorities

Five Office translations match the formal expectations of the authorities thanks to the experience of our medical or nutritional and environmental science experts.


Adaptation of documents according to Swissmedic, BAG, Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (BLV) and Federal Office of the Environmental requirements (BAFU), EMA and local Authorities in the EU.

State of the Art Technology
and Added Value


CAT tools and indexed databases

To assure efficiency, consistency of terminology and to save your ressources we are experts in the use of CAT tools like SDL Trados and SDL Multiterm


  • Terminology Database
  • Translation Memory (.tmx)
  • Processing of all data formats
  • Assurance of compatibility with your CMS
  • Converting PDF to Word
  • Handling InDesign files with Trados


Prices include translation, quality check, project management and standard file handling. Volume based special conditions are granted.

What is a ‚green light‘ service?

‚Green light‘ is comparable to an internal release of a Medical Director or Responsible Person or else a Head of Marketing or Company Communication Responsible. This saves time and ressources. Our ‚green light‘ services are specifically designed to check medical and regulatory content of documents as well as readiness for publication of printed promotion or PR communication.

Unique skills provided by a unique Network

Worldwide over 800 specialized MDs, pharmacists and scientists including nutricional and environmental engineers translate in their field of expertise and in their native language. Our exceptional network provides scientific expertise combined with quality control of linguist translators.


From oncology to immunology

We provide you with communication in all fields of medicine: XR, OTC, orphan drugs, generics, biosimilars, medical devices, diagnostics. We contribute to quality and safety in human and animal health.


From Dermatology to Lifestyle: Cosmetics

Living longer, more quality of life and life style products belong to our urban society and to the trends of the future. There will no more be a clear cut between medicine and beauty.


From food supplements to food processing

We reach Health Care Professionals, patients and the public in subjects more and more important to all of us.


From environmental sciences to politics

In environmental sciences communication and responsibility are of crucial importance. In a commun effort global aims shall be reached.


Regulatory support

The regulatory differences between Switzerland and the European Union for cosmetics are considered at Five Office. Any further regulatory support is provided by qualified Regulatory Affairs and Quality Managers for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry as well as the food industry.

Our Safety Standard belongs to the Highest Industrial Standard

  • Strict control of data safety
  • SOPs according to HMG, GCP/ICH, GMP, GDP and Part 11 FDA. Internal audits once per quarter. Inspections, external audits
  • Translation requests can be submitted through our platform for secure data exchange (
  • Controlled processes in all areas, sourcing, project management, quality control, IT and finances (SAP)
  • Formal program for recruitment, certification and re-certification of external MD, scientist translators and linguist translators in charge of the quality control
  • Five Office is an accredited Trainings Center for pharmaceutical medicine SGPM, SwAPP
  • Certification of translations according to regulatory requirements (Swissmedic, EMA)
  • ISO 17100 certified for translation, No. Z301120017102401

Worldwide communication and innovative technology
provided to the Food Industry.


Animal Health requires high standards of scientific
and linguistic expertise.

Translate at Five Office – your Benefit

Benefit of rebate on price, volume savings and short time-line savings. We are happy to give you more details.

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Save up to 50 %

  • Volume-based prospective special conditions
  • Savings from previously translated passages (Trados and Indexed Database)
  • Fast for Easy – shorten your timeline and pay the normal rate


Special conditions

  • High Five: 5 % deduction every 5th, 15th and 25th of each month (not cumulative)
  • Monthly rebate: 10 % (not cumulative) once a year

Free translation

We are happy to translate a sentence for free every now and then. Please indicate the language and the deadline and send it to


And what do our Clients say?

«Five Office brings excellent language skills combined with valuable medical knowledge.»

Client of Five Office Ltd

Head Corporate Communications at a worldwide leading pharmaceutical company

«Five Office Translations don’t need additional revision. I simply submit them to Swissmedic. This is unique.»

Client of Five Office Ltd

Head of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs at a worldwide leading pharmaceutical company

Also in phytomedicine we provide translations by
dedicated scientist translators.

And what do we say?

Many thanks to all our clients for a fruitful collaboration and 40 years of trust.




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