Five Office Ltd is a successful service provider since 1978.

Our employees are scientists, pharmacists, MDs, managers, marketing experts and linguists. Education is one of our strongest assets.

Over 800 External Experts are worldwide at our disposal.

Inés Engel

President and CEO

Five Office Ltd, Logos of Science

Scientific Board


Prof. Dr Martin Altwegg, Ph.D.
Medical Microbiology


Dr Martin Fenner MD
Medical and Law Advice


Dr Eric Jensen MD
Medical Manager and Consultant


Dr Patricia Kellerhals MD
Biotechnology and Strategy


Dr Michael Lefkovits MD


Prof. Dr Christian Ruef MD
Infectiology and Hygiene


Dr Lise Riopel, Ph.D.
Clinical Development Consultant


Dr Lukas Villiger MD
Endocrinology / Diabetology


Prof. Dr Robert Theiler MD


Andrea Gerber


Human Resources

Tom Fischer

SME Study Program, University of St.Gallen

Head of Marketing and Communication

RPP and Head of Quality

External Experts

We thank our Expert Consultants in Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs, our Scientific Writers in Switzerland, France, UK, the United States, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Scandinavian Countries, Russia, Japan, China etc. for putting their expertise in various fields of medicine, in pharmacology, in biochemistry, chemistry, food technology, biostatistics etc. and translation at the disposal of our clients.


Over 800 external collaborators are at disposal of our clients.

We provide daily business services and hiring out support.



Corina Steiner

Business Administration and Controlling

Medical Associate

Five Office Ltd




Five Office is a Trainings Center for Pharmaceutical Medicine (SGPM / SwAPP)



Dr Marcel Bahro, MD


Dr med. vet. Stefano Gaudio

A traineeship at Five Office Ltd is a very valuable experience

Corinne Gastpar

... I am the Qualified Person of Future Health Pharma GmbH

a sister company of Five Office Ltd

Dr Marc-Etienne Castella, PhD

... I represent the Life Science Team


It’s good to work at Five Office Ltd

Karin Engi

Translation Department

Five Office Ltd

Our employees come from different countries

On Mondays we speak German...
On Tuesdays we speak French...
On Wednesdays we speak Swiss German...
On Thursdays we speak English...
On Fridays we speak German

Every day we speak your language.